Andreu March

"The Art of Visual Merchandising"

Andreu March

I wanted to be an artist.

But the University taught me that Art was for the greatest, a few greatest.

I also learned that art could invade everything you did ...

... that you could live surrounded by beauty, and that's what I did.

A friend suggested me to work in an experimental school of shopwindow design, and I approached. This opportunity allowed me to discover the incredible world of ephemeral art. The discipline of shopwindow allows you to create infinite resources and to take advantage of Arnheim's techniques. I set out to surprise the world of Retail.

My mentor Guillem Forcano, taught me to move within the sector and also connect with the client, the most important technique.

My business proposal allowed me to turn all my artistic knowledge into commercial settings, creating all kinds of shop windows. I spent some fantastic years playing with colors, shapes, volumes and products, with symmetries and asymmetries. My game always sought and achieved one goal: the emotion.

My experience has been transforming the game with which I have had so much fun, into a Visual Merchandising technique, supported by more than 30 years of experience and based on Fine Arts.

Today, my studio maintains the same differential factor that made my concept unique years ago; the artistic sensibility in intangible values. A sensibility that allows us to discover the enormous possibilities that each business has, in order to differentiate it and achieve excitement, connect with customers and, ultimately; succeed in the market.

Andreu March i Jornet

"Art is understood as any activity or product carried out with an aesthetic and also communicative purpose, through which ideas, emotions and in general, a vision of the world are expressed."