Andreu March Studio

Andreu March Studio, we are a studio that has its origins in luxury retail, the long experience in different sectors linked to the world of the promotion and sale of articles, makes us very adaptable to new situations and challenges.

One of our differentials is precisely interdisciplinarity, which allows us to find new solutions that come from other sectors.

Our great challenge is to translate the brand values of our clients into forms and manage to apply them in different supports, both physical and digital.


Andreu March

Llicenciat en Belles Arts

Art director

CEO de AM Visual Merchandising S.L.

Adelaida Martin


Muntatges de Retail /moda

Laura Recasens


Muntatges i Instal.lacions efímeres.

Cristina Martínez


Projectes d’interiorisme a Barcelona.

Diksha Janjua


Departament d’interiorisme

Sandra Márquez

Partners Externs

Departament d’adminmistració

Adria Pell

Dissenyador gràfic

Departament de Branding

Irene Díaz

Project manager