Four months after the confinement, we return with more desire than ever between shop windows!

This creation for Vasari Andorra has been the first one, although we did it by using telematics means in order to avoid shifting, we are truly satisfied with the result. The shop window was scheduled for the month of March and the Covid19 forced us to postpone it until June, but we were looking forward to setting it up.

We have named this creativity as Botanical, as the common thread of the idea was vegetable shapes. These shapes are introduced with a silver vinyl and they have been placed in an optimal and very professional way by 7veu.

The Vasari’s shop windows are always oriented to make the product protagonist. In this case, they are jewelry items so, they are small and we highlight them focusing the central part of the shop window; where we find these exclusive pieces.

For those months, we have witnessed how the nature has empowered all the streets of the cities, as well as the Vasari show window!

We are truly satisfied with the result and especially the fact of coming back! We attach some photographs of the final result. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do!

shop window Vasari