Back to school in Servei Estació Barcelona

“We enjoy the school again” this is the copy created for the back to school from Servei Estació. The creativity’s goal is to capture the “new normal” at school, with encouraging and positive air. Through this multi-product window display, we reproduce the part of the classroom where the pupils keep their properties and break down the novelties in the scholar kit. With the implementation of the images of real kids, we reach to humanize the space and to make more explicit the scholar scene.

A creative purpose to enjoy the school again, now in a different way, now much more intense. As well, we enjoy the emotion to meet schoolmates again, the first day nerves and above all, small pupils and students, we always enjoy learning again.

And for our part, we begin the month of September so happy and eager to work, with the battery charged and.. with new changes that we will notify you soon!

Service Station