TéO Experience

Art direction by a new TéO product line

We are lucky to work with the Riera Giersen, experts in teas and infusions. The brand is characterized by the care and affection that it dedicates to its high quality products. Our project with Riera Giersen started with the creation of a new and innovative packaging for the tea and infusion lines. Next, we continue with an ecological product catalog and we are currently developing new product designs.

The objective of the new packaging was to adapt to the current lifestyle of its target audience, from bulk packaging to a pack of sustainable tea bags. For us, it was important that the packaging show the corporate image of the brand, that the classes were easily distinguished, as well as that highlighted the benefits and characteristics of the product. Likewise, we believe that packaging transparency is important, for good visibility of the product.

Regarding the ECO catalog, it has served to present the novelties, as well as to order the product and facilitate its understanding and accessibility through a very visual design.