Welcome to Christmas

Welcome to Christmas

Christmas at Perfumeries Regia

The purpose of Regia's Christmas decoration was to enhance the exclusive packaging for the Christmas season.

Cristina Álvarez, designs a new packaging every year, creating a special bag for this campaign, accompanied by tapes and Christmas details. This year a pearl gray bag and the detail of a peacock feather were chosen.

On the one hand, the garlands frame the logo that presides over the entrance to perfumery. Thanks to the lighting of the garlands and the brightness of the decorative tapes, the entrance of Regia attracts the attention of the pedestrians in the Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona.

The shop window has been accompanied by a Christmas decoration in collaboration with Nasevo. The existing creativity consisted of works of art made from neon, which combine perfectly with the Christmas lights.

To finish, the novelty of this Christmas in Regia, is the incorporation of the decoration inside the store. In this case, the interior has been decorated with spruce crowns, decorated with ties of the same silver ribbon and with the corporate bags of Perfumeries Regia.

The decoration created, from exterior to interior, intends to excite and evoke moments of warmth and love. In addition, it informs us of the beginning of the Christmas season and for us, that they begin Christmas shopping.