Perfumeries Regia is a regular client in our studio; Today we present the seasonal decoration for your shop window at Passeig de Gràcia.

The creativity of the shop window, is presided over by the vinyl that celebrates the 90th anniversary of the brand. 90 years ago, the first Regia store was opened at Casp number 15 in Barcelona and its success has been accompanied to date, because, they say, they have not changed their course at any time.

After the success of the last project with Nasevo, we repeated the collaboration with the artist, this time with a work made up of acrylic paint-coated cages. The artist behind Nasevo is Ernesto Ventós, deaf from birth, found his vocation in art and smell, since instead of seeing the works, he smells of them. As he says on his website, "these are artistic objects that are, at the same time, linguistic objects: an archetype, the nose; a semantics, the smell-color; and a continent, styles and forms of art."It is for this reason that the collaboration between both professionals is perfect.

Regarding the design of the new window of Regia, this time the product has been presented on mirror pods, as in the previous creativity of "The scented forest". This type of presentation helps us to enhance the packaging characteristics of the exposed products.