Christmas Owls

Christmas Owls

A few weeks ago, we were implementing this fancy Christmas design at the Perfumeries Regia store in Paseo de Gracia. What do you think?

The truth is that the magic of this showcase is delighted. In the design of the shop window, we combine some white houses in a somewhat surrealistic and colorful owls whose gaze presides over a magenta-like pediment. To finish the composition, we used some very authentic fir-tree garlands with small, warm-toned lemons.

In the shop window, each house houses a product line of exclusive perfume of author. And between cassettes and owls, accompanying the product, we find the packaging, designed exclusively for this Christmas. Cristina Álvarez has selected a new bag with a ribbon of a beautiful pink color, of which a grenade hangs with the same feathers that dress the owls that decorate the shop window.

The atmosphere created aims to thrill the customers, invite them to make their Christmas shopping in Regia, give yourself a whim or become a selfie!