MUME, La Jonquera

We had the pleasure of providing a little more light at the store of MUME Exile Memorial Museum in La Jonquera.

The shop area of ​​the museum is located just next to reception and for us, it was essential to attract the curiosity of the visitors to this area, which before was a little unnoticed.

One of the tools that has helped us make the change has been the light. As we have mentioned in other projects; good lighting is paramount. Another part to improve were furniture. They were made of glass, which prevented the product from standing out. With the help of some lacquered white pieces, we made some supports for the tables where the product was presented in a totally different way.

Finally, once the layout and the sales circuit were solved, the visual merchandising techniques were applied to distribute and order the product. The product presentation. Made up of textiles, books and souvenirs, it was made basically in a frontal way, to facilitate the identification of areas for customers.

After applying these techniques, we leave you with the images of the before and after. What do you think?