They promised that they would soon surprise us again and have already done so; with the recent opening of the last floor of the store, a plant with a concept of the green lifestyle, in which apart from fashion we find healthy gastronomy. The third floor, then, consists of three zones, differentiated from each other through colors and materials; the shop, the bar and the terrace (belonging to the bar).

The plant in question, is encompassed within a very defined concept. Both the products of the bar and those of the fashion store have clear ecological values. Among the products that are offered in the bar, we find the gourmet teas and organic infusions by Riera Giersen.

Regarding fashion, one of the sections belongs to the Ecoalf, the first and only clothing brand in Spain to be recognized for its commitment to people and the planet.

In addition, the furniture of the section is also responsible with the environment; in this way we speak of a space with very well defined and above all coherent values. The bases of most of the furniture have been built with a new material, a micro cement with a mixture of reused plastic bottles, designed with the collaboration of Avida, a company specializing in designs with cement.

We leave you the pictures We hope you like them!