Soft Luxury

Soft Luxury

Soft Luxury, the final result of Marfranc in Platja d'Aro!

Today, finally, we present the final result of the Marfranc store, although they will soon surprise us again!

In order to achieve the desired result, we have enhanced the added value of our client, creating an exclusive space related to their brand values. With the project, the establishment has been completely renovated, updating and temporizing the entire sales area. In this way, we respond to the demand of a new consumer, although without getting too far away from the commitment with loyal customers.

As we mentioned in previous posts, what stands out of the project is the record time with which it has been made, as well as the impeccable result, we are really very happy!

We wanted to get an emotional boutique of contemporary luxury. For this, the store has a host of environments with a neat visual, which emphasizes the values ​​of each product. The zones differ from each other through different colors, materials and decorative elements such as wallpaper. One of the materials, used in the store is the viroc. This very versatile material is a very resistant, sustainable and versatile wood and cement composite.

We leave you the pictures, we hope they are to your liking!