Les Bernardes

Andreu Carulla

New shop window in the studio!

With this shop window we want to give a little recognition to Les Bernardes, a collection by Andreu Carulla. The collection aims to capture austerity and discretion, together with the atmosphere of a convent and capture it in the products, being a comfortable seat in its surroundings. It's about timeless and sober parts. The Bernardes are made with beech wood and handmade wickerwork basketry.

For the design of our shop window, we have made a game of contrasts. The placement of a clear wooden chair on a black background, next to a dark wood chair on a white background. In this way we intend to highlight the product and avoid the bottom, creating, at the same time, an environment that attracts attention. The name of the collection plays like the rest of the showcase; It is about the name and its reflection, contrasted in positive and negative.

On this occasion, we thank Silleria Vergés, who has given us the pieces to be able to expose them. At the same time, this provider allows us to have a small furniture showroom Vergés in the waiting room of our studio. Thank you again!