Lagranja Collection

Lagranja Collection

A few months ago, since we moved to the new studio, we took advantage of our shop window to do some creativities in collaboration with suppliers and collaborators.

Today we present a shop window made in collaboration with Silleria Vergés, to present the piece Basic Armchair from the collection "Lagranja". The name of the collection "Lagranja" is the source of inspiration that we have used to create this showcase. Hence the use of rustic elements such as straw bales and the figure of the rabbit. Under the name of Lagranja Collection are grouped the different collections and pieces formed by chairs, tables, divans and poufs of honest and cheerful design. The collection has worked spontaneously and naturally, with perseverance and a sense of humor, we could say, that it has worked in a similar way to a movie farm.

We wanted to thank the cooperation of our neighbors: Agrobasca a Banyoles, who have kindly given us the bales of straw used in the shop window.

We are very happy with the result, although it is ephemeral; since in a few days we will set up the shop window for the month of April, we will keep you informed!