Parisian inspiration in Dstil

Parisian inspiration in Dstil

Parisian inspiration at Dstil, Reus.

Last September 29th, the Dstil store in Reus was opened and we want to share this design project with your point of sale. The project had a very clear objective, to create a new concept of retail for the Dstil brand of women's clothing. Our medium Visual Merchandising techniques.

The clothing activity that existed in the premises in the years of its foundation, inspired the interior design of the new point of sale.

We wanted to reproduce a lounge, recovering the remains of an existing plaster cassette in the second floor of the premises.

The decorative environment goes back to the Paris halls, where moldings and plaster were the protagonists of the stays. These elements are easily identifiable on the route of modernism in the city of Reus.

The materials that are the protagonists in the project are five. The bronze, used for some parts of the commercial installation elements. The marble of the ground already existing in the premises. Wood for furniture, glass for lighting and white color, presiding over the entire walls.

Commercial installation by professionals like Marcelo Vilá.