Maison Objet Stand in Paris

Maison Objet

After years attending various editions of Maison Objet in Paris, this week we had the great pleasure of designing a stand at this fair, created by Crearte.

Maison Objet is an international authority in terms of interior design, which encompasses the areas of; home decoration, interior design, architecture and culture, but above all it is a source of tendencies. In addition, the fair coincides with the Paris design week, that’s why it is an indispensable trip to keep up with the new trends in the sector, as well as filling with inspiration at the beginning of the new season

This year, with great enthusiasm we have worked together with Crearte Collections to design their stand at the fair. Crearte is a brand of design and interior design with a lot of history. The brand has a furniture collection full of style and character.

The main objective in the creation of this stand has been to design a space that would awake the senses of visitors and invite them to enter. This premise has been achieved due to the creation of a dynamic layout and a good sectorization of the different product areas. Through design, we have succeeded in expressing that Crearte is a company with a high artistic value, full of creativity and that shows a lot of design dynamism.


On a visual level, the walls of the stand have been decorated with corporate screen printing, in order to provide handmade style. Window mirrors, meanwhile, denote luminosity and enlarge the space visually. Finally, the pieces of the Crearte brand, speak for themselves, as they overwhelm personality.


It is also important to note that we have reserved a space for "selfies" on the beautiful chaise longue Victoria XL. It is important to be up to date to interact with visitors, and Instagram is an undisputed trend.


We are very happy with the result and are pleased to share it with you all!

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