Victoria Essence and The Metamorphosis by Kafka

Victoria Essence y la Metamorfosis de Kafka

We have a new shop window in the studio!

The centerpiece of the showcase is the Victoria Essence chaise longue by Crearte Collections, this work of art has us in love! The exclusive piece has inspired us, and we have related its usefulness to that of a divan in a psychology practice.

The shop window, based on The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, the complex mind of the author, is the culprit that in the shop window, the wall and the floor have been turned. For that reason, we found a carpet and a lamp on the wall, as well as decorative wallpaper on the floor. In spite of the originality of the creativity, the color and the shape of the chaise lounge, they make this the indisputable protagonist of this month of April.

For this shop window, we must thank Crearte Collections for giving us the piece Victoria Essence and Tapisseries Boix for providing us with the beautiful carpet that occupies the fictitious floor of our storefront.