We have moved!

We have moved!

In 2018, Andreu March Studio started a new course after moving our studio to the historic center of Banyoles (Girona). With this change, we have not only expanded the physical space of the study, but we have magnified our desire to open doors to new challenges for this new year. The motivation for our work has been an indispensable element to make this jump.

We have created a broad space faithful to our brand values, which serves as a shop windows for our customers. The breadth of space has allowed us to capture the techniques of visual merchandising with which we work, as it includes a street showcase and a versatile space that we will use as a showroom.

The waiting room, at the same time, is a small furniture showroom by Silleria Vergés, an infallible supplier. It aims to be a friendly space for visits by customers or suppliers.

To illuminate the space, we have worked with the faithful help of our supplier Gaudir, which has managed to not miss natural light with fantastic lighting. We have chosen different types of focus according to the area, as a sample shop; In addition to a beautiful decorative lamp located in the meeting room.